Quotes from the book, Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness, by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson, followed by quotes from the book, Power Versus Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, by David Hawkins.
The quotes from Sanctuary are not meant to replace the reading of the book. Rather, they are intended to offer a glimpse of the wisdom contained in the book, and reminders of what the AIM Program is and is not. Please refer to the extensive index in the back of Sanctuary for easy reference to many topics.

All quotes are referenced by page number or other location. The quotes from Sanctuary also include reference to topic, and center on the message of self healing, the evolution of the AIM Program, and how the AIM Program can assist in your self healing.
Quotes from Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness
Fact or fiction – Back cover of Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness - You, too, can use the Spiritual Technology illustrated in this book to remove subtle energy imbalances and travel the path to consciousness in order to attain and integrate emotional, physical and spiritual harmony. Although Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness is a novel, in reality, the futuristic system of well-being, self-awareness and spiritual development it describes is already available.

Subtle Energy - Pg 22 – The strict truth is that he’d developed the ability to use subtle energy frequencies to identify and neutralize the energetic signatures associated with virtually all maladies. However, as he constantly emphasized, it was not considered scientifically correct to presume that the frequency and the physical disease were the same thing.

Disease – Pg 33 – Even though Max continued to stress that energetic imbalance was not necessarily correlated to disease, it appeared not to be unrelated.

Energy - Pg 53-54 – All life is energetic – I didn’t discover that; it’s taught in every high school. In the view of modern physics, the world – the entire universe, in fact – is simply energy. Your life is a subset of the entire universe. Therefore, you are simply energy. If you are willing to believe the scientists who tell us that, then what I do makes sense. These scientists include Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg and many others who have spent their lives trying to understand the subtle, invisible forces that make up the world. Your life, your eyelash, your altered nose, your cancer, your hope, your despair, and even your current confusion are made up of measurable and changeable energetic frequencies. But the bottom line is: Can I make a change in your well-being?’ The answer is, no, I can’t – but you can.

The work I do brings your inner subtle-energy forces into balance so that your own self-organizing principle brings your body, your mind, your emotions, and even your spiritual self back into a state of well-being. That’s one of the reasons why not everybody can benefit from this. Because you yourself are the motivating force of this work, you must have enough energy, enough personal power, to bring yourself back to an optimum state after your energies have been brought into balance. In my experience, even many people who are very weak still have enough energy for this, but there are some who cannot do it. But this force can be measured . . .

Purpose of AIM - Pg 62 – The aim of energetic balancing is to give the body enough strength, which I call “energy” to use its own wisdom and its own resources to provide a state of well-being . . . You already know that there is an innate self-organizing principle in your body whose purpose is to maintain health. If that organization is disrupted, your ability to resist or overcome infections is hampered or lost. If you need a term for what I’m doing, let’s say that I’m organizing you to help you deal with your specific problems. If I succeed, it’s highly possible that you’ll go back to your doctor and be found free of your diseases.

Belief - Pg 64 – “Do I have to believe in what you’re doing?” “No reasonable person would, he told her. “But then George Bernard Shaw said, “the reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” That’s why your being here is an act of faith. “Is the work of Sanctuary dependent on faith?” she reiterated. “Well, Jane, everyone who uses this technology is a believer – on the other hand, most of them didn’t believe in it until it worked for them.”

Karma - Pg 67 – My work seems to indicate that energetic imbalances are transmitted through these subtle bodies (the causal body, the mental body, the energetic body, the spirit). They can be passed on through many generations if not released. Often, families have common patterns of problems that plague each generation. These include imbalances that may affect the kidneys or the stomach or the brain or the spinal cord. These imbalances allow the body to get out of sync with its own processes, and sometimes result in a family pattern of early heart attack deaths or cancer, for instance. The frequency we call hereditary tuberculosis may manifest itself in low energy levels and a tendency to sweat a lot, because the hereditary tuberculosis frequency affects the kidneys and doesn’t allow them to properly maintain fluid pressures in the body. As a result, the body eliminates excess fluid through the skin. Regardless of the symptomatology, though, the energetic imbalances can be resolved, and when they are, my clients typically experience exceptional improvements in their sense of well-being.

Some of my clients have called me the karma doctor because the work I do seems to release them from the “sins of the father” syndrome where they repeat the same kinds of patterns they have seen in their families. This extends into things like behavior and mood, because when a person achieves a state of energetic balance, the things that cause behavior and mood to fluctuate wildly go away, and their sense of self and of self-esteem may improve dramatically. People find that many of the things they have come to accept as harsh facts of life are, in fact, energetic disturbances that can be easily erased.

Energetic equivalent – Pg 69 – You can call your physical contamination a malignancy. Don’t you think there’s an equivalent in your personality or your psyche or your energetic body?

Endless possibilities - Pg 74 – It has to do with spiritual awakening. It has to do with making the transition from vibrating at a lower level on a physical plane to vibrating at a higher level on an energetic plane. . .As we eliminate each imbalance, it increases the energy we have available to us. This creates the opportunity to discover deeper, more subtle imbalances, until we are free from the limitations we’ve acquired in this lifetime and in the past.”

Human potential – Pg 76 – What my work has done is apply the concepts of energy to the elusive goal of human potential.

Life force – Pg 78 - The reason we have to have the ‘thumb” or ‘witness’ is because the testing only works on an actual life-force. We can replace the ‘energetic identity’ of the witness with that of the photographic subject, but we cannot make a measurement unless a life-force is present in the testing circuit. Which is why we can’t put your picture on a chair and test it by itself. It has an energetic frequency but not a life force>

Use of photograph - Pg 79 - I suppose that once you accept the possibility of energetic balance as a legitimate approach to achieving well-being, you’re already pretty far down the road to accepting the possibility that the entire set of energetic information available in the individual is also available in his or her photograph.

Aura readings – Pg 81 - You probably know that there are people who use pictures to measure the changes in their aura. They get different aura readings over time, using the same picture.

Radio receiver – Pg 83 – The human body is the most sensitive radio receiver ever made

Spiritual realignment - Pg 85 – Spirit is energy and energy is spirit. E=MC2. Energy is in all things and makes up all things. Thus, all illness is spiritual, which is to say that all illness is energetic in nature. “Dis-ease” is due to an individual’s misalignment with the power of the spiritual energy, which is in them and which is all around them. By realigning the individual to be in harmony with the spiritual force, the life-force, the subtle energetic matrix that makes up the entire universe – that individual’s physical, emotional and even spiritual ailments will disappear.

Science and spirit - Pg 86 – . . . . . . he told me that his work was the bridge between science and spirit. Science is a branch of religious thought. It is another one of man’s attempts to explain the universe. This work comes at a time of crisis. Spiritual crisis, psychological crisis, physical crisis . . . We can talk about the physics behind what I do, but science can’t dissect the mystery at the heart of our existence.

Why we’re a church - Pg 87 - All energy comes from a higher source. All energy is the higher source. We don’t create it; we just tap into it. You may call energy divine, or you may call it eternal. They are synonyms. We are a church because we believe in energy and its eternal nature. . . We can simply use that energy given to you and help you direct it toward your well-being. We are not the source and we are not the object. Which, as I see it, is consistent with the teachings of any church. A church does not create life. It teaches you to tap in to the essence of life’s creative force, which is, in and of itself, miraculous.

Looking for a change - Pg 88 – People recognize that their inner needs aren’t being met. They’re itching for a change, but they don’t know how to get there. But people who have come here for energetic balancing find that their feelings of well-being return, they have much more energy, they think more clearly; and their emotions are calmer, more centered, and more loving.

The Effect that matters - Pg 89 – The cause of an imbalance may be absurd, trivial, even moronic. It’s the effect that matters, and the effect is a negative energetic field. Remove that negative energy and your way of dealing with life will no longer be filtered through that negativity.

Become your own healer - Pg 91 – Ask yourself what the difference is between vibration, energy, prayer and chanting. It’s all the same thing. It’s a focusing of consciousness. We put the correct mantra for you directly in to your photograph – you don’t have to chant it yourself. . . What we do is help you find your higher consciousness, which we believe resides in everyone, so that you become your own healer.

Energetic template - Pg 99 – Long term energetic problems always have a hereditary base, coupled with the active imbalance. I call it the energetic template.

Frequency of TB - Pg 100 – If a doctor tests you for TB and you test positive, you probably have it. On the other hand, if the test is negative, you simply have what your doctors call idiopathic night sweats, dry cough and unilateral shoulder and back pains. I can’t address the biological presence of TB. All I know is that when we remove the frequency of TB, my clients report that a lot of their complaints disappear.

Roots of well-being - Pg 107 – Doug – I believe the roots of well-being go much deeper and to a much more fundamental place than the biological concept of the absence of disease, which is currently the standard used by medical practitioners.

Karma - Pg 112 – I think he’s erasing old karmic patterns. Karma in the Eastern view, is intrinsically bad because it ties the spirit to old habits and old fates, which are repeated until some lesson is learned. The work Max does releases these things very quickly. Starting with gross imbalances and working through subtler and subtler energetic layers, he works with the body, mind and spirit, clearing out old baggage. The end result is an individual who is free to make choices because he or she is no longer carrying the burden of the past.”

Transcending the physical - Pg 113 – Max’s vibrational work has transcended the physical, which is now merely the prerequisite for doing truly deep-level subtle energy work that involves contact with the higher or causal self.

Imbalances emerge when we cut ourselves off from the higher self, which is our true self. When we are cut off, we act against our own higher instincts, interests, and motivations which are largely altruistic and service-oriented. …the trick is to remember what we already know.

We are energetic beings. We are ebbs and flows of life-force energies. The more freely the life-force flows in us, the better we are able to perform the tasks we came here to perform. The impediments to that flow are also energetic. We now know that they can be detected and released, layer by energetic layer.

Two people, different results – Pg 119 – Haven’t you noticed that two people can be exposed to the same disease? One becomes violently ill and dies. The other feels a little off for a few days and is then fine. . . The difference is in the ability or inability of one or the other to resist. That is what energetic balance and imbalance is about. The difference isn’t the disease; it’s the energetic balance of the individuals involved. (“It’s not the seed, it’s the soil” – Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson)

Enhanced well-being – Pg 128-129 – We can experience enhanced well-being on every level if we remove subtle-energy blockages that impede our natural ability to keep ourselves in top condition. This may be experienced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As we remove negative frequencies from our energetic field, we become more and more able to express our lives fully and completely. This means different things to different people, of course . . . Most people seem to have constant low-level illness. . . It had gotten to the point where everyone was simply living with these symptoms as if they were an expected part of life, instead of impediments on the road to true well-being.

Responsibility - Pg 158 – What responsibility means is being your own guru. We can only help you find the way. Any healing, any progress, any hope, and any despair is going to come from you. It is your energy that matters. I can’t give you my energy, and I wouldn’t dream of it. I need it for me. But I can help you find your energy. I’m obligated to help you find it, in any way I can.

Disease & vulnerability - Pg 160 – I would never tell you not to go to a doctor if you feel you need to go. If you think you have a disease, it’s appropriate to go to a medical doctor. But if a doctor can’t identify or solve your problem, it’s prudent to believe that there may be another solution. And that solution may be energetic.

Disease frequencies move into an energetic vacuum. That may also be true of actual diseases. So even if a disease is treated by an MD, it may be in your best interests to identify that vacuum – that is, to identify your vulnerability.

Are all frequency imbalances conscious? – Pg 164-165 - Everything is conscious. The question you’re really asking is whether something is consciously affecting you to your detriment. If so, you can construe that as an attack, and defend yourself in any way you can. There are two things to consider: First of all, what is it about you that has invited a negative influence you are unable to overcome? Only consciousness, true consciousness, will tell you that. Energetic testing is our church’s form of confession. You have all the answers. We work together to raise them to a conscious level. And when we say you invited the negative influence, I’m not necessarily talking about sin or transgression or even lifestyle. The invitation may be a hereditary imbalance. Another word for it might be karma. Whatever you want to call it, we find and remove negative frequencies that hinder your defense and your growth.

If energetic testing is our form of confession, then is energetic imprinting our form of prayer?

Let’s just say it is our mantra. Our first factor is you. The second factor is it. If a frequency is secure in you, if it wants to stay in you, even if it will ultimately kill you, its innate intelligence will make it hide to avoid detection until it’s strong enough that it feels you’re unable to remove it. It has to hide if it wants to survive within you. And everything wants to survive. Once it has gathered enough strength, at your expense, it no longer has to hide. And it will always make itself obvious, one way or another, if it feels that it is invulnerable to you, beyond your ability to control it. The frequency now views you as a manifestation of it.

I view that behavior as conscious, devious and malevolent. Often, it will win and you will lose – unless you are able to focus all your energy to overcome it. That is precisely what our work enables you to do.

Initial evaluations – Pg 170 - . . . each member was called after a remote evaluation so that they knew they had been checked and were being appropriately balanced. They weren’t told which frequencies they manifested, though, because Max’s position was that the names of the frequencies didn’t matter; there was simply some kind of imbalance which was being corrected.

A bit about enhancing frequencies – Pg 175 – This frequency increases his vitality and stamina . . .whereas this one improves his focus. This third frequency we found relaxes his throat so there’s no tension in his voice . . . As it turned out, Max provided these frequencies, in addition to normal energetic balancing regimens, to many actors, actresses, singers, musicians, public speakers, and others who wanted to perform at peak potential.

Faith – Pg 178 – You may have noticed that people of many faiths have joined Sanctuary without abandoning their own faith. In fact, you’re missing the point: It is those of great faith who have the most intuitive understanding of my work. They believe in information, they believe in energy, and they believe in knowledge . . .To suggest that someone should abandon his faith because of my work would be to diminish his life-force, and, as a matter of fact, ours. Why? Because faith is energy, positive energy, a form of sustenance. Religious teachings and beliefs, in my opinion, are always about energy in the infinite forms it takes. You must have belief, faith, and passion to travel the path to consciousness.

New branch of knowledge – Pg 181 – We are in a time in which it is clear that legitimate science, when practiced with intellectual honesty, is a form of religious striving in humankind. The esoteric work of physicists and psychologists and philosophers explores the same terrain as mystics have throughout time. Max’s work brings together many of these disciplines into a new branch of knowledge. But it is a branch which, like all the others, grows from the root of untapped human potential.

Use of Photographs - Pg 181 – But even after years and years of energetic work, my reaction upon first being introduced to the use of photographs for evaluation and imprinting was a classic case of cognitive dissonance, a state in which intellectual comprehension completely conflicts with direct experience. Nonetheless, Max’s demonstrations quickly convinced me.

Self acceptance - Pg 182 – Perhaps most difficult to explain are my experiences related to work Max did on key energetic centers. These centers have long been associated with the endocrine system, which has been reputed to be the key to spiritual development. As Max found and removed imbalances in each energetic glandular center – thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, hypothalamus, pineal – I began to shed limiting patterns. These patterns included such things as a need to be accepted by others and a complementary inability to receive their acceptance. Even more important, I developed an ability to accept myself, overcoming a disability I couldn’t even perceive until it was gone.

Your knowing - Pg 184 - you already know all this information but are unaware of your knowing . . .It is your life’s purpose to bring that knowledge to a conscious level and it is my life’s work to help guide you there.

Max’s Work – Pg 187 - He had surrendered all hardware and software considerations to me, which allowed him to focus his attention on his research on developing frequencies . . . for balancing, increasing life-force, retarding aging, immune enhancement, and greater consciousness.

Rosetta Frequencies/AIM improvements – Pg 192 – With the addition of the Rosetta Frequency, we could provide a virtually unlimited number of balancing energies simultaneously, and the participant, the person receiving AIM (the All Inclusive Method), achieved energetic balance without ever having to know which imbalances he or she was detoxing.

As Max continued to improve the efficiency of the Rosetta Frequency, and I implemented the other changes required for AIM, we began to notice some extraordinary changes. First of all, every one of us had significant, measurable increases in the frequencies of our life-force, consciousness, and immune-resistance levels. Max attributed this to, “the more time you spend resisting an imbalance, the more of your life-force you’re allocating for that purpose. When you deal with the frequency of an imbalance the moment you acquire it, it takes very little time for you to remove it, and you have more life-force available for the real purposes of your existence.

Detox – Pg 193 – What all of us want, including me, is the proverbial free lunch. We want our imbalances removed without the experience. For better or for worse, it doesn’t work that way. You can’t become conscious of something and remain unconscious of it at the same time.

Aging – Pg 195 – You know you have to experience these imbalances, and you want them removed now, because they are going to come out someday, one way or the other. The “other” way Max was talking about meant this: Energetic imbalances impede the flow and expression of life force. For each of us, fighting our active and hereditary imbalances is an ongoing drain of life force energy. The normal pattern is that we use up our energy in this battle. Then when we are older and weaker and we no longer have the energetic strength to repress the expression of our hereditary imbalances, they become active imbalances, and express themselves to their fullest potential.

“I believe that this shift of hereditary imbalances to an active status is one of the biggest causes of aging, Max said, “And the loss of life force that we experience as a result of fighting those imbalances at the hereditary level speeds up the process of aging and brings us more quickly to the day or reckoning when we lose the battle against those imbalances.

On AIM versus individual evaluation – Pg 195 - After about 6 months or so, the primary phase of our energetic detox was over . . . and for each of us, our life force and consciousness levels took quantum leaps to the highest levels of our lives.

Consciousness – Pg 197-198 – We deal with energy and spirit, which is to say, Consciousness. As you also know, we measure energetic imbalances, which are, by definition, spiritual, which means that they exist in Consciousness. That’s the basis of our Spiritual Technology. We call it Spiritual Technology because it deals with the spirit, which is Consciousness with a capital C.

If you have a frequency that we believe is the conscious resonance or spiritual essence associated with what might best be called a ‘disease entity’ in your consciousness, what we do is help you remove it by giving you the right tool. That’s why when people ask if they have a disease, I say I have no idea. And if they ask whether they should continue taking their medications, I say ‘How should I know? Ask your doctor.’ But I sincerely believe – and this is the doctrinal belief of our church – that if someone has an energetic imbalance in their consciousness and this imbalance has been identified as an energetic frequency with a disease name, I have no doubt that it affects their sense of well-being and it affects their life force as we measure it – that is, in units of consciousness. And anything that lowers the life force also lowers a person’s ability to achieve the spiritual goal of higher consciousness.

Non-hereditary imbalances – Pg 200 – In addition to acquiring imbalances hereditarily, they can also be present environmentally, meaning in people, animals, water, food, air – whatever is around you . . .

”So after the HIV frequency, what are the others?” The second one has the energetic frequency of a particular hepatitis imbalance (again, and as always, not the disease), which is also capable of being airborne. The third is totally harmless energetic frequency that shows up on the Quantum Index in the range we call ‘viral’. (Note, the AIM Program now includes balancing frequencies for hundreds of non-hereditary imbalances – see Energetic Weather Report).

Current method of receiving balancing frequencies - Pg 203-204 – When I first met Max, he did full, in fact exhaustive, evaluations on every client. Of course, each client required either a separate computer or energetically charged drops. With the AIM Program, the individual computers and the drops were no longer necessary. But as the number of applicants for Energetic Balancing grew and grew without an end in sight, it became logistically harder and harder to provide evaluations. Max and the choir switched from performing full evaluations to performing mini-evaluations and the number of applicants continued to grow. Even the mini-evaluation became too time-intensive, so Max and the choir began doing life force evaluations only.

Each person gets the same AIM Program, regardless of which imbalances are found (they may have) . . .We have no choice but to help the maximum number of people, even if it means we can no longer discuss the specifics of each individual’s imbalances. Remember, an imbalance is no longer removed as a result of my finding it. It is removed because you inexorably select the balancing frequencies for each of your imbalances.

Spiritual core – Pg 206-207 – I believe that all human problems – mental, emotional, and physical – as well as aspects of your life that may not at first glance seem ‘connected’ to you, are spiritual at their core. It is this core that the ministry of EMC2 addresses. We call that core the ‘Energetic Matrix’ . . . The exploration started with medicine, but the path was always spiritual and it led me away from the medical sciences . . . The spiritual revelation was necessary in order to fulfill the vision I had.
Quotes From Power Versus Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
Pg 73 – The difference between treating and healing is that in the former, the context remains the same, whereas in the latter, the clinical response is elicited by a change of context so as to bring about an absolute removal of the cause of the condition rather than mere recovery from its symptoms. It’s one thing to prescribe an anti-hypertensive medication for high blood pressure; it’s quite another to expand the patient’s context of life so that he stops being angry and repressive.

Pg 140 – Simply stated, powerful attractor patterns make us go strong, and weak patterns make us go weak. Some ideas are so weakening that merely holding them in mind hinders a test subject from being able to keep his arm up at all. Other concepts are so powerful that when they’re held in mind, it’s impossible to force down the subject’s arm with any amount of exertion. This was a universal clinical observation. Powerful patterns are associated with health; weak patterns are associated with sickness, disease, and death. If you hold forgiveness in mind, your arm will be very strong-but if you hold revenge, your arm will go weak.

Pg 210 – The human central nervous system clearly has an exquisitely sensitive capacity to differentiate between life-supportive and life-destructive patterns. High-power attractor energy patterns, which make the body go strong, release brain endorphins and have a tonic effect on all the organs; adverse stimuli release adrenaline, which suppresses immune response and instantaneously causes both weakness and even breakdown of specific organs, depending on the nature of the stimulus.

This clinical phenomenon forms the basis for such treatments as chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology and many others. These therapies, however, are usually designed to correct the results of an energy imbalance, but unless the basic attitude that’s causing the energy imbalance is corrected, the illness tends to return. People by the millions in self-help groups have demonstrated that health and recovery from the entire gamut of human behavioral problems and illnesses comes as a result of adopting attitudes correlated with high-energy attractor patterns (that is, spiritual).

Pg 220 – In spontaneous recovery, there’s frequently a marked increase in the capacity to love and the awareness of the importance of love as a healing factor. Numerous best-selling books have told us that to love is to live healthily – but love of our fellow man can ensue only when we stop condemning, fearing, and hating each other. Such radical change, however, can be disorienting; the courage to endure the temporary discomfort of growth is required, and the mind tends to resist change as a matter of pride. Recovery from any disease process is dependent on willingness to explore new ways of looking at one’s self and life, which includes the capacity to endure inner fears when belief systems are shaken.

Pg 222 – A disease process is evidence that something is amiss in the workings of the mind, and that’s where the power to effect a change resides.

Pg 238 – The most important element in facilitating an upward movement in consciousness is an attitude of willingness, which opens up the mind through new means of appraisal to the possible validity of new hypotheses . . .

On our scale of consciousness, there are two critical points that allow for major advancement. The first is at 200, the initial level of empowerment: Here, the willingness to stop blaming and accept responsibility for one’s own actions, feelings, and beliefs arises – as long as cause and responsibility are projected outside of oneself, one will remain in the powerless mode of victim-hood. The second is at the 500 level, which is reached by accepting love and nonjudgmental forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things, and events without exception.