Please note: EMC² does not diagnose, treat or cure disease. Albert Einstein reputedly said that there are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. The tags 'Miracle' and 'Miraculous' show up where AIM Program participants themselves use those words, but EMC² believes that the AIM Program is all about miracles of transformation and healing whether that word is used or not. As the saying goes, we don't believe in miracles, we rely on them. And each and every personal history revealed through these tags is about the miracle of self-healing with the AIM Program.

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Karen from Hawaii - AIM participant since January 2004
Testimonial provided October 2006

"My energy levels started picking up... no more colds/flu." Karen tells us that she has seen "tremendous growth spiritually, mentally and physically." And after becoming an EMC² Facilitator, she sees marvelous results in others.
Tags: Back; Breast cancer; Cancer, breast; Colds; Detox, energetic; Flu; Heart beat irregular; Immune system; Memory; Mental growth; Physical improvement; Seizures; Spiritual growth; Spirtual support; Zest;

I have been self-healing with energetic balancing through The AIM Program for almost 2 years, and it has deeply affected my life. When I went onto the program, I felt very sluggish, my immune system was down, and I was constantly fighting off some bug or another. In the first few months on the program, my energy levels started picking up, my immune system got stronger, and there were no more colds/flu. About three months into the program, my back went out (my detox). Six months later, with the help of an excellent chiropractor, x-rays showed a 90% improvement in my spine. Even my chiropractor was very surprised at my speedy changes, which I attribute to being spiritually supported through the energetic balancing of The AIM Program. Since then, I have seen tremendous growth spiritually, mentally and physically.

As an EMC² Facilitator, I have been witness to some marvelous results: a child who no longer has seizures, my mother who has improved her memory after just a few months on the program, but more importantly, now has renewed zest for life, and my Dad, whose irregular heart beat is no longer present, my sister moving through her breast cancer diagnosis quite smoothly, and a stage four cancer patient outliving her doctors predictions. These are the results of self-healing supported by the balanced energetic frequencies of The AIM Program. (Remember, AIM does not diagnose or treat the physical body).

I give thanks for the pioneering spiritual consciousness that is extended to us through The AIM Program.

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