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Richard from Kentucky - AIM participant since February 2008
Testimonial provided December 2011

Richard describes how his bionic hearing has become normal and as a result he is less anxious since the constant irritation of hearing all sounds at the same volume is gone. He is forming friendships like never before.
Tags: Ability to relax; Anxiety; Arthritis; Friendships; Hearing;

The email reminded me to give you an update on Richard Bartholomew. Since joining the AIM Program his self-healing has allowed him to get better and better. It is truly amazing. He no longer has bionic hearing, his hearing is as normal as the next person, and as a result he is less anxious from the constant irritation on hearing all sounds at the same volume. He is forming friendships like never before, true friendships, with the old ladies and men in his senior citizens building, where he engages in a way like never before. He starts conversations with, 'How was your day?' and he stops to listen for the answer, instead of blurting out what he wants from anyone willing to listen.

Last weekend, I had him get a massage, in lieu of taking arthritis medication (a compromise with his doctor). We have tried this in the past, but he could not stand being touched. This time he soaked up the relaxation just like anyone else would, without jumping off the table.

Thank you to the folks at EMC² for their continued support of Richard Bartholomew. It is truly amazing and a great joy watching his self-healing progress unfold.

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