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Ester from United Kingdom - AIM participant since May 2011
Testimonial provided June 2012

Ester describes how AIM helped her to emotionally self-heal and the changes seen in her dog.
Tags: Aliveness; Anger; Animals on AIM; Business; Depression; Detox, energetic; Dog; Emotional balance; Happiness; Lethargy; Pets; Relationship; Self-love; Sociability; Upset; Weight loss;

After having been on the AIM Program for almost a year, I decided to take some new photos of myself and my dog to go on the trays for our second year. I was quite staggered by the difference in how we both look! I look alive and happy, whereas in the original photo of myself, I looked like quite a tormented soul. Rosy (the dog) has lost one quarter of her body weight and has gone from being lethargic, overweight, and actually seriously ill (although I didn't realize this at the time), to being slim, active, and fully engaged in her life.

As Rosy self-healed and cleared her imbalances, she chose going to the vet as a part of her self-healing - something I had never been keen on before, but she made it happen two weeks into the AIM Program by needing emergency treatment! She has had two operations, a radical change in diet, with monitoring by the vet, and thyroxine for a diagnosed thyroid dysfunction that had probably been going on for years. She has stopped repeating strange behavioral habits, is very responsible and obedient, and is much happier in herself.

I have experienced some full-on detoxing, especially with issues that were so ingrained that I thought they were just 'normal'. I've had NAET treatments as I discovered I had a ton of food allergies, and candida. I'm now really enthusiastic about adding a lot of raw living food to my diet, and I am much less willing to eat processed food, sugar, and wheat. I'm much more balanced emotionally, less angry, less depressed, less upset, and have a good outlook for the future.

The shifts that have subtly occurred over the last year have proved to be quite incredible. I'm much more 'awake' than I was, have rooted out so many deeply ingrained patterns, ended a relationship I didn't really want to be in, re-launched my stained glass business, become far more sociable, and far more healthy on every level, and I am finally learning how to love myself. As for Rosy, everyone has commented on how well she is, and it's even been said that she is the best she has ever been - that's in nine years of having her!

Rosy and I are still detoxing many hereditary imbalances, as it's only really been eleven and a half months that we have been on the trays. Although it's been very challenging at times, being on the AIM Program has totally changed our lives in a way that just wasn't going to happen before. I can't ever imagine taking our photos off the trays now, and have immense gratitude to Stephen Lewis and the other founders of EMC2 - wow, what a contribution they have made to world!!!

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