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Joey from Nevada - AIM participant since February 2006

16 yearr old Joey's symptoms of autism improve. He can carry on conversations instead of repeating words over and over. His anger is under control. This is AMAZING to me!!! Thank you!
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I am very pleased to say my 16 year old autistic son, Joey, is doing very well on The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing since he began in February 2006. Nothing else has been changed in his life - he does continue to work with a healing practitioner, as he has for some time. Vickie, his teacher, my friends, coaches from Special Olympics he works with, all have noticed a significant change in him since he was given the opportunity to utilize The AIM Program.

Joey has a lot less anger and aggression. For example, in summer school the summer previously, he was suspended 3 times, due to his anger outbursts. This past summer 2006, he was not expelled at all. Also, this summer he was not suspended from his summer REC program, whereas last summer he was asked to leave for a few days on at least 2 occasions.

Joey is more easy going, happier, and is talking a lot more, and not just about what he wants/needs. For example, he has complimented me, "Good job Mom", and commented to me, "That's too bad we can't do it" (instead of repeating his wants over and over).

He can carry on a longer conversation – instead of maybe 2 sentences, he will say about 4 sentences, when talking. This is very amazing for him. Usually Joey just asked for what he wants and needs. He seems more "at peace" with the world, and himself now. He can play and stay, without any anger, at his Special Olympic soccer games, whereas last year, I'd have to take him home early, or he'd get angry at the coach and try and hit him, almost every game. This is the 10th week of soccer, and he has not gotten angry, and stays the entire time! This is AMAZING to me!!!

I'm thrilled, and have been telling other parents about Joey's amazing improvements since being on AIM. I am so happy and grateful that Joey was given the opportunity to participate in The AIM Program. Thank you!"

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