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Noah from Oregon - AIM participant since September 2006
Testimonial provided June 2012

Noah's mother describes how he used the AIM Program to self-heal his digestive and lung ailments.
Tags: Autism; Bowels; Bronchial pulmonary dysphasia; Colds; Digestion; Gastronomy; Jejunastomy; Lungs; Microencephaly; Miracle;

I am delighted to report the remarkable transformations that continue to come through Noah. This is our 7th year for him to be on the AIM Program, and his life has never been the same. He has been going in the right direction of health and happiness and freedom to be a child ever since we came on board with the AIM Program. I am truly blessed to see Noah thriving in Life and having his childhood back to be childlike and full of play. Noah's self-healing through the AIM Program has enhanced his immune system and his ability to self-heal anything that comes his way.

His once digestion ailments completely healed. When Noah began on the AIM Program he had two feeding tubes - jejunastomy and gastronomy. Both have been gone for 6--+ years and Noah eats all his nourishment by mouth. This is a miracle! He has pain free bowel movements and they are regular. He digests and gains weight accordingly. His body has been growing like a healthy child's. Thank you from deep within my heart EMC2 for being what you are. You have convinced me miracles do happen.

Amongst Noah's digestive setbacks, he also once dealt with a lung disease known as bronchial pulmonary dysphasia due to his premature birth. He was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed 1lb. 6oz. So his lungs were very underdeveloped and his health reflected this. After beginning on the AIM Program and beginning his self-healing through higher consciousness selection of balancing frequencies, this kid maybe gets one to two colds a year that he recovers fully from and does not require hospitalization and steroids and breathing machines anymore. I believe in Miracles! When mainstream medicine said it wasn't going to improve, deep in my heart I had hope that something would come along and help this precious being. And it did thank you EMC2 for your AIM Program again, and again.

Along with what I have already mentioned, Noah was still dealing with even more in his realm of being here. In mainstream medicine they labeled him as Autistic and said he had Microcephaly. Microcephaly was a diagnosis from a Minnesota children's hospital that told us our son's brain was damaged and that he would be retarded and his head would not grow. He was diagnosed with this at the age of 2. The AIM Program came into Noah's life when he was 4-1/2 years of life and NONE of these diagnosis labels are true for him anymore. Yes this is TRUE! Noah is so healthy and well! My heart beats deep, deep gratitude and appreciation for EMC2 and their AIM Program for helping my son recover and you have given me my son back. As a mother, you wish only the best health for your children and when they struggle and suffer so does a mother. You have given us freedom to be and enjoy life.

With Infinite Gratitude.

Thank you forever Stephen Lewis, Roberta Hladek, Evan Slawson, Kim Marie and all those at EMC2.

In Love and forever Gratitude,

Noah's family.

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